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4:16pm 06-21-2009
the website need upgrade
10:38am 12-01-2008
Lucinda Gardner
I just love how friendly your site looks. It's eye catching and full of information.
8:25pm 09-12-2008
As Zachary, Brooklynn,and Summer's grandparents we are very glad to be able to learn about their school and happenings via the internet. We only wish there were more pictures of the teachers classes and the activities they are working on. Earl and Vickie Cherry
12:17pm 05-24-2008
3:27pm 04-08-2008
this site needs a better picture of the school
4:07pm 03-13-2008
Great School!!
8:54am 02-26-2008
Thanks to your staff my neice, Charli Pate is doing a great job as a student. I am very proud of her and praise your staff and her parents.
Thanks and please keep up the good work. Our future is in the hands of our youth.
6:19pm 01-29-2008
This website is AWESOME! I am able to look up all the information I need to know right here. Homer Elementary has came a long way compared to other schools for the better. I am proud to have my son, Tajuan Abbott, to be a part of this school which I attended growing up as well. Being that Tajuan lives with my parents in Homer and that I am in Houston I can still know everything that is going on his day to day activities. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
2:19pm 01-09-2008
I really enjoy the website. It helps parents know what their children are working on in school. I also like the helpful internet sites. A lot has changed since I went to school. Things are taught different from the way we learned. Homer Elementary has been good for my child. All of his teachers are helpful and dedicated. God Bless!
11:10pm 10-18-2007
my kids have learned alot at homer and they have nice teachers in the school
12:09pm 05-31-2007
I love your Positive Behavior information !! Great job!!
10:23am 05-31-2007
Was looking at the TLTC site and saw your link..........looks great!
8:12pm 03-20-2007
goodness how things change. i remember when 5th grade was in the junior high and mrs. winzer was giving me D's. i think i spent more time in the office than in class. i am so glad to see homer schools bettering themselves. without the teachers and faculity i wouldnt be what i am today. thank-you so much
8:28am 12-09-2006
Russel Tabor...........I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. I've known you since you were a little boy growing up in Lahoma, Ok. with my boys and then you moved away. I'm so glad we are all staying in touch. You are such a wonderful person committing yourself to teaching children. What a nice school and a great website! Have a blessed and fullfilling year!!
11:58am 12-08-2006
Great job Andrea!!!!!!!!!!!
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